Checklist For Your Wedding Planning

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Wedding involves a lot of planning and arrangements. For the bride and groom, wedding is the most special day. If you want to make your wedding ceremony memorable, you have to plan everything in advance and in a proper way. Wedding planning should be done six to eight months before the wedding day. You can add everything that can make your wedding ceremony and celebrations more memorable for you and your partner as well as for your family members and relatives. Arrangements should be made keeping in mind the requirements of wedding party.

Budget planning

First of all, you have to do budget planning for your wedding party. To plan a budget you have to consider how much to be spent on wedding decorations and on catering. Along with it, if you want to add something more, you have to decide how much to spent on that thing as well. You also have to consider the number of guests.

Deciding venue

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You have to decide where you want to throw your wedding reception in North London. You can either select an indoor venue or outdoor venue. There are so many beautiful wedding venues in North London. Some are expensive while some are affordable. You will have to select the best one from all the North London wedding venues.

Invitation card

Choose the best invitation card for your wedding. You have to make order for your wedding invitation card 3 to 4 months before your wedding so that you can get them on right time and you can distribute them among your guests.

Contact photographers, caterers, makeup artist

You have to contact the photographer, makeup artist and caterers and book them in advance so that they will be available at the right time and you can be stress free. You can contact the catering company and decide the menu for your wedding reception party in advance.

Wedding dress

Deciding the wedding dress is the most exciting thing. You can either buy a readymade wedding dress from the market or you can contact a fashion designer to design your wedding dress. Choose the wedding dress in which you will look the most beautiful.


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