Be A Good Neighbour To Your Neighbours By Hiring Party Wall Surveyor

Anyone who has extended their property or has done any kind of party wall construction shall have definitely realized the importance of party wall surveyor services. In London, the party wall expert services are necessary for all types of party wall constructions. No matter, you have a healthy relation with your neighbour or the bitter one you should get the services of the party wall surveyors. Party wall constructions are really annoying for the neighbours due to release of lots of noise, dust and dirt. There is also a risk of damages to the neighbour’s property when the party wall constructions are done. Party wall surveyors act as a mediator between the neighbours and help in drafting the party wall agreement. This agreement is a kind of declaration of the duration of the party wall construction, possible damages and the way of compensation by the neighbour doing the party wall construction.

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Reason for conducting the party wall survey

Party wall surveys in London take care of the party wall act before drafting the agreement. They make sure that every clause included in the party wall agreement is in compliance with the party wall act.  For this, party wall surveyor first conducts the survey of the property and then drafts the agreement. Some of the benefits of conducting the party wall survey before the commencement of the party wall construction include:

  • It will help in determining the possibility of the party wall constructions like fencing, basement construction or constructions along the party wall.
  • Pen down possible damages to the existing property of the neighbour and the extent of damages.
  • To avoid the mistake while party wall constructions.

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