What Makes Emotional Intelligence So Much Important in Sales? How to Boost It Up?

While high IQ can help people to grow professionally, having great socializing and networking skills is equally important. It might even be possible that someone may not have excellent knowledge and skills, but has ability to network and socialize.

This talent is different and is identified as a type of intelligence that is termed as “Emotional Quotient” (EQ) in Bay Area. EQ plays a big role too in helping you to get on in your professional life and improves sales performance in Bay Area. So now, let us know more about it in the following section.

Emotional intelligence in Sales

EQ is basically the ability to understand as well as manage the emotions. EQ plays a significant role in sales people too. After all, buying is indeed an emotional experience and when making the rational decisions, we may unconsciously be hijacked by the emotions. The sales people require great understanding of the buyers’ emotions and help them to manage it. It is the key to be successful.

Importance of Emotional Quotient

Lacking EQ might have severe impact on one’s career. For instance, you must have witnessed at least once an emotional outburst of anyone at work. So, not being intelligent emotionally at the work place can not only be embarrassing, but can also damage your outcome. Reputation can be shattered easily in just an instant in such case.

The overall responsibility for developing and managing your emotional intelligence falls on you. Having your emotions under control at workplace is the key to success!

Guest post by Silicon Valley Mind Coach